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A weekly, inspirational video PODCAST that HIGHLIGHTS Award Winning Authors and leaders, EXPOSES viewers to all types of books, and MOTIVATES thinking on a variety of topics.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Anita Sanchez

    Anita Sanchez, Award Winning Author, brings a great spiritual book The Four Gifts for creating harmony and balance in the world and with oneself. This book brings the indigenous wisdom and their connection to the earth as powerful gifts. The powerful gifts for all humankind to remember to be ...


  2. Raymond Bolton

    Award Winning Author, Raymond Bolton, presents The Awakening / El despertar. The spanish version brought this story to the Spanish speaking audience. He explains the importance of finding a great translator when a book is presented in another language. It is key to present the stories the right ...


  3. R.H. Pfeiffer

    R.H. Pfeiffer, Award Winning Author, has worked as the executive administrator in a health department for 40 years and covers the topic of addiction and recovery in his recent book. Based on four real-life true stories, Camino del Guerrero/Trail of the Warrior is a book about recovering from ...


  4. Patricia Schaefer Röder

    Patricia Schaefer Röder es una autora galardonada, traductora y editora quien presenta sus libros incluyendo Di lo que quieres decir, una antología de poesía de poetas ganadores, Divina, la mujer en veinte voces, una antología sobre temas de la mujer y Mi dulce curiosidad es una novela traducida al ...


  5. Roma Calatayud-Stocks

    The Award Winning Author Roma Calatayud-Stocks talks about her book trilogy. A Symphony of Rivals, the second book in her trilogy, takes the reader into a story of a musician young woman. With a background in music, Roma demonstrates how music transcends time in different eras with her ...