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A weekly, inspirational video PODCAST that HIGHLIGHTS Award Winning Authors and leaders, EXPOSES viewers to all types of books, and MOTIVATES thinking on a variety of topics.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sandra Elaine Scott

    Sandra Elaine Scott, Award Winning Author speaks on her children's book The Magical Day. She talks about the challenges of finding an illustrator. "Find the person who gets you...[someone] who takes your vision." Sandra projects the vision that Latinos are a very diverse group and this should be ...


  2. Nasario Garcia

    Nasario Garcia, Award Winning Author, talks on his book Hoe, Heaven & Hell. This is memoir about his life, his parents, and history. Nasario also writes children's books such as Grandma Lale's Tamales. The author educates kids today on the hand on activities and not just the technology ...


  3. Maritza Martinez Mejia

    Maritza Martinez Mejia, Award Winning Author, speaks on the challenges an author faces as they translates a book to be available in bilingual format.  Author of over 5 books including Hazel Eyes and shares her collection Lecciones de vida(lesson for life), children books that encourage respect, root ...


  4. Maria Nieto

    Maria Nieto, Award Winning Author, presents various of her books including her award winning book The Water of Life Remains in the Dead. She explains how water stays in our bodies and develops her mystery novel using forensic science. The host is Georgette Baker. ...


  5. Maria Cristina Montoya and co-authors

    Maria Cristina Montoya in the company of her students and co-authors of their award winning book Mi Vida en los Estados Unidos: Jóvenes de herencia hispanohablante escriben sus experiencias. They share the importance of a book like this and how it help them. The host is Georgette ...