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A weekly, inspirational video PODCAST that HIGHLIGHTS Award Winning Authors and leaders, EXPOSES viewers to all types of books, and MOTIVATES thinking on a variety of topics.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Edel Romay

    Edel Romay award winning author winner in the poetry category. He speaks about his work as an author, those who influenced him, and artists skills. The host is Maria Nieto. ...


  2. Christine Eber

    The award winning author Christine Eber presents her book When a Woman Rises. The travesy of how it came to be and shares her story in this inte ...


  3. Alvaro Ramirez

    This episde presents Award Winning Author Alvaro Ramirez. He is been interviewed about his recent recognition and talks about his book Los Norteados. The host is Norma de la Peña.  ...


  4. Dora Przybylek

    Presenting Dora Przybylek, Award Winning Author, who also writes as Carmela Escobar. She shares a little about her story and her book. The host is Norma de la Peña. ...


  5. Diana Lee Santamaria

    Here we present Diana Lee Santamaria, Award Winning Author and teacher. Diana Lee Santamaria, Award Winning Author, shares about her books and the importance of culture in them. The host is Georgette Baker. Host: Georgette Baker ...